Modpacks FAQ

Common Modpack Issues

Why can't I upload a modpack that I can play locally?

Many people may find that the server crashes after uploading, or does not crash but cannot be connected. There may be a number of reasons for this.

  1. Standalone and online modpacks are often different
  2. Some Mods can only be installed on the client side and will crash on the server side.
  3. Some Mods can only be installed on the server side and will crash on the client side.
  4. Some Mods have to be installed on the server-side and the client-side together.
  5. Some modpacks will release both modpack and serverpack, you should upload serverpack to ActiniumCloud.

Mod compatibility issues

All ActiniumCloud servers run on Linux, while some mods are not compatible with Linux and only run on Windows. There are even Mods that are compatible with Linux, but when installed with other Mods, they are incompatible.

Mod-to-Mod compatibility is an amazing thing.