Configuring client-side dependencies

Configuring client-side dependencies

Installing Mods

If the API type of the mod is Forge, you need to install Minecraft Forge first and start the game once through Forge. A mods folder will be created in the .minecraft/ directory. If the Mod's API type is Fabric, you need to install the Fabric Loader first. Mods folder will be created in the .minecraft/ directory.

Drag the Mod jar file into the mods folder to install the Mod.

Installing shaderpacks

You need to install Optifine Mod to use shaderpacks. Run the game once after installing Optifine and the shaderpacks folder will be created in the .minecraft/ directory. Move the shaderpacks zip file to the shaderpacks folder.

When you enter the game, press ESC and click shaderpacks to select the shaderpacks.

Installing resource packs

Move the zip file of the resource pack to the resourcepacks folder to use it in the game.

Installing configuration files

Overwrite the contents of the zip file to the .minecraft/ folder, it is recommended to back it up before overwriting.