Referral Programme

Referral Programme

The Referral Programme lets you generate a Referral URL on your ActiniumCloud myGame Account that will give you a small cut of purchases other customers make when they sign up with your URL at no additional cost to either of you.

How does it work?

When you generate a Referral URL, it will will have a small Referral Code on the end of the URL, this helps us track who has used your link.

When someone uses your Referral Code to sign up, you will get 20% of all of their purchases in myGame Account Credit. For example, if they bought $10 of Account Credit, you would receive $2 of Account Credit.

What are the requirements?

We don't require much regarding your Referral URLs. Although we do ask that you make it obvious that the link is a Referral URL. For example, if the URL was used in a hyperlink you could add a notice before or after it warning the reader that it is a Referral URL. Failure to do this may result in removal of your privilege to have a Referral URL.