Deletion Policies

Deletion Policies

Our policies on when and why we may delete your servers.


If a server has not been running for more than a week straight, it will be automatically deleted by our system. This is so we can free up resources for other customers to use and also ensure you aren't paying for servers you don't use. We periodically take backups of your server anyway so in the event you do not have a backup of your servers files, you can open a ticket and we will restore your backup or give you a download link to a backup of your server free of charge.


This is not legal advice and should not be treated as such. What you are and are not allowed to do on our servers is better outlined on our TOS page.

If a server has been reported for abuse or our internal systems detect abuse and an investigation has been done by us confirming that abuse has been taken place, your server will be deleted and no refund will be issued. Backups of your servers files will not be provided.